With the current state of the Japanese Pokemon Market, we have decided to strictly sell products via preorder only for the time being to ensure that you can get the best prices before the items release. We will no longer be promoting products at 4-5 times the retail price as it's not fair to you, the collectors! If you would like to preorder an item at anytime, or to have an item sourced for you, please use our #open-a-ticket feature in our DISCORD server. Once this frenzy cools down a bit and prices become a little more stable, we will reopen for general sales of items. Accessories will be available upon request.

To request shipping with us, please use our #open-a-ticket feature by clicking the discord link above so that we can package your items and invoice you for shipping. All items will be shipped via EMS Japan Post or Yamato Transport. Please remember that we have a strict 180 days holding period on all items and anything left in our possession for longer than 180 days will be relinquished back to the store and no refunds will be issued.

Thank you!