*This section was last updated on January 10th, 2023


  1. Orders are shipped at the end of the month, or one week after a major new set releases. 
  2. We currently ship to most major countries, however, some shipping services may be unavailable at any given time due to the persistence of COVID-19 restrictions.
  3. All mailed packages will have a tracking number by default.
  4. We adhere to strict packaging protocols that will ensure your packages will be kept safe during transit. However, how your local postal service handles the package on arrival at the destination country is out of our control. We will not be responsible for any lost or damaged mail.
  5. In the case of undelivered or returned items 
    • Buyers will be required to pay for the full shipping amount required to resend the package,
    • plus any costs associated with package collection, as charged to us (if any at the time)
    • plus a +10% handling and repackaging fee


    1. For the time being, we will not be including bulk cards with orders to keep the weight and size of packages to a minimum. Shipping internationally can be difficult and costly, and is usually weight or size based.
    2. Multiple orders throughout a given time period will be combined into a single package or split accordingly based on declared value once a shipping request has been placed. Any order with a declared value of 200,000 JPY or less will be shipped in a single box. Any order with a declared value of more than 200,000 JPY will be shipped in multiple packages, and the customer will be responsible for this extra shipping fee. There will be NO exceptions to this.
    3. You can opt to store your cards with us and ship at a later date. This is useful for building up a package worth sending.
    4. As of August 1st, 2021, we can store live opened orders for up to 6 months starting from the first order stored. Orders not claimed or shipped after expiration will be disposed of. We are not responsible for reminding buyers about their unfulfilled orders. Please make sure you set a reminder.
    5. All of our packages will be mailed with tracking numbers and will be insured for a MAXIMUM of 200,000 JPY, which will be sent by email.
    6. We are not responsible for how your local post office handles packages on arrival. While we strive to pack all orders with its safe arrival in mind, there remains a chance that your post office will make some type of mistake. Any chargebacks related to post office delays or mail damage will be contested and the user blacklisted from any further purchases in the future.


    1. TCGCollects and TCGSleeves use Yamato Transport and EMS Japan Post as our primary shipping companies.
    2. When using Yamato Transport, please make note that after the item has cleared customs, you will receive a NEW tracking number through UPS.
    3. EMS Japan is the fastest option for shipping, however it is also a more expensive option. EMS will be used for those who have accumulated large size packages or have spent more than 200,000 JPY in our store.
    4. If TCGCollects and TCGSleeves are required to pay any export fees, you will be asked to reimburse for those fees. If you refuse, any future purchases you've made with us will be on hold and WILL NOT be shipped until prior payments have been received.


    1. When shipping internationally, there are typically taxes and import fees that the importer (you the buyer) must pay for your package to be released from customs. This doesn't always happen, but it does quite often.
    2. TCGCollects and TCGSleeves are not responsible for the payment of taxes and import fees/duties that occur during the import process of items. This is the buyers full responsibility. 
    3. If the buyer refuses to pay any taxes or import fees before delivery, the courier may discard or return the package to its original location. The buyer will be responsible for all charges related to return shipping and duties that occur due to a returned package. 
    4. There will be no refunds for any items returned to us due to damage in transit or refusal to pay import fees and customs fees.


    1. All customers must provide the following information in order for us to ship your items. If any of the information is missing you will receive an email from us.
    • First and Last Name (No Pseudonyms)
    • Full Address (sorry, we cannot ship to a PO BOX)
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • There will be NO refunds issued for a customer who has provided the wrong information to us, causing a package to be delayed or delivered to the wrong address.


    1. Due to restrictions with certain countires, and are unable to ship to the following territories at this time:
    • China
    • Mexico
    • Mongolia
    • India
    • Paraguay
    • Brazil
    • Venezuela
    • Qatar
    • Saudi Arabia
    • The Phillippines
    • Portugal
    • Russia
    • Argentina
    • Belarus


      1. Insurance will be included on all packages
      2. Insurance will be included for UP TO 200,000 JPY per box shipped
      3. If the declared value on an item is over 200,000 JPY, the customer will be responsible for extra charges including import fees, export fees, customs fees, shipping fees, etc.