Repossession Policy

TCGCollects has a very STRICT repossession policy. This policy is enacted when a customer purchases items, but does not have them shipped within 180 days. Here we will describe how the policy works and what happens if your items are indeed repurposed by us!

When you make a purchase, you the customer have a MAXIMUM of 180 days to ship your items from the date of your last purchase made at and there are NO exceptions to this rule. We are under the impression that after (6) months, you have decided not to return, and therefore your items are repurposed.

What do you mean by "repurposed?" When your items are repurposed, there are a few things that could happen. The items could be sold off via an auction, or can be traded into local card shops. Sometimes, items of low value will be donated.

I didn't ship my items within the (6) month window, can I get a refund? Unfortunately, no. We held our end of the user agreement at and therefore we must move on and make room for orders that have been coming in and new products. There will be no refunds for any items that have been repurposed by and chargebacks will not be accepted as our 180 days window is in line with PayPal's chargeback policy.

Can you replace the items that I had? does not keep track of the individual cards that you may have pulled during a live opening. Therefore, we cannot keep track of the items that you pulled during that time. We will not replace them if they have been repurposed.

By making a purchase at, you the customer agree to the terms and conditions of this policy, and in no way will attempt to fight it if this policy is enacted upon you. You the customer also agree that you will not be refunded or compensated in anyway if this policy goes into effect with your orders.