Collection: Send My Stuff

As of January 1st, 2023, we will no longer be shipping bulk cards with orders. Bulk cards are considered any common or uncommon card pulled in a live opening. Thank you for your understanding as this decision was made to help with rising shipping costs for international shipping from Japan.

Currently, we are on a MONTHLY shipping schedule. Shipping will be at the end of each month and after a new Pokémon set is released. For more information on shipping, please visit our shipping page in our policies tab.

***Please note that we can only declare/insure a package for up to 200,000JPY. Please make sure to keep track of your purchases as when you do shipping we will only insure/declare for that total value. Anything over that amount is at the buyers own risk.***

Any claims for damage or missing packages must be taken up with UPS (Yamato) or EMS. Please contact the store to let them know that a claim has been made so we can assist in helping locate a missing package.

If your items exceed the size of a box, or the 200,000JPY declared value, you may be asked to purchase shipping a second time or to do an upgrade. If you are unsure which shipping to get, please message us in our discord.

Be sure to read our Repo policy for those who opt to have us hold their items. We will hold your items for NO LONGER than SIX months. You can see this policy in the help center section of this site.

*Please note that if you do NOT ship your items within 6 months of your last purchase, your items will be discarded as TCGCollects assumes you are not coming back to get them. Thank you. Please see our repo policy for more information.

*Shipping is NOT free. Choose your shipping option at checkout OR for those who have items on hold and want to ship, please click the button below and it will bring you to checkout where you can choose one of our shipping options. If you are unsure of the price of shipping please contact us in our discord.