Collection: F.A.Q.

1) Where are you located?

- This store is registered as a Sole Proprietorship in New York State, however, our shipping location is in Tokyo Japan.


2) How much does it cost to ship?

- Shipping prices depend on the size of a box and the weight of a box. Minimum shipping worldwide is $32.00 and that is for Shipping and Handling costs.


3) Is there insurance on shipping?

- Japan doesn't do "insurance" on items. To insure a package, we must declare the value of the items on the package that is being shipped. For example, if you spend $800.00 in the store on "x" amount of packs of cards, the declared value of your purchases will be listed on the customs form as $800.00 USD. Our shipping courier then "insures" the package for that amount. Each box shipped can be "insured" or declared for up to $2,000.00 USD. If purchase amounts go over that, a second package will be sent and a second declared value will be issued on that box as well.


4) Who pays for customs and tax duties?

- The buyer is responsible for ALL customs and tax duties with the declared value of your purchases. We have to declare the value of your purchases for insurance and tax reasons. There is no way around this. Please keep this in mind before making a purchase.


5) What shipping provider do you use?

- We currently use Yamato Transport in Tokyo Japan.


6) What happens if my package goes missing?

- If your package goes missing you will be issued a refund for your purchase value in full after 60 days of shipping. This is why each package is given a declared value. If we have to refund you due to a package going missing, you get a refund, and we get the insured value of the package.


7) How long does shipping take?

- Our courier has said 10-14 days to the United States, but other parts of the world they can't give specifics on.


8) I made a purchase on the website and decided I didn't want it. Can I get a refund? 

- There are NO REFUNDS for packs that have been opened. 


9) I accidentally purchased the wrong item. What can I do?

- If you mistakenly purchased the wrong item, and the item had not yet been opened, we can issue you credit to the store for those items.


10) I made an order and then noticed the price on shipping. Can I get a refund for the order?

- There are no refunds for this.


11) When do you ship?

- Please see the "SHIPPING" section of our store and take a look at the schedule for shipping. We ship twice a month on specific days. 


12) Can you combine shipping with someone else's order since we live close?

- No, to prevent mixed up orders, only the person who ordered the items and the address used on the order will be the one to receive the items from those orders.


13) How long will you hold items?

- We will hold your items for up to 1 year from the date of purchase. If you have not purchased a shipping option from the store within that time frame, you will relinquish your items and NO REFUND will be given.


14) How do I purchase shipping?

- Please head over to the "SHIPPING" section of the website for more information.


15) I already paid for shipping, but my package weighs too much or I spent over $2,000.00 USD, what happens now?

- If you have already purchased a shipping option but your package now exceeds the weight or dimensions of the box, you will be asked to use one of the "UPGRADE" options in the shipping section of the website. 


16) Can you send packs that are not opened?

- No. All packs are opened in the order number that they come in. When we go live on Twitch, we begin opening packs. There are no refunds or exchanges once your packs have been opened.


17) Do you giveaway code cards?

- No. I only deal with Japanese cards at this time and Japanese cards typically do not have code cards.

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